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The promise of uninhabited islands, untouched coastlines, breathtaking jungle terrain, and stunning views — can all be experienced during your stay at Koh Lipe.

Due to the dense peppering of neighboring destinations, most of the islands around Koh Lipe can be reached by traditional longboat in under an hour.

All of the beaches on Lipe are accessible from Mali Resort by foot, longboat, or long tail taxi. If you fancy a venture around the archipelago, Mali Resort will gladly arrange for a local guide to show you the way. Fishing, snorkeling, and scuba tours are also easily booked for private or group trips.

Unlike many of the other islands, Koh Adang does provide basic services, such as a canteen, serviced camping site, and small bungalows to rent. There's a wonderful guided hike up the waterfall which we can arrange, as well as the forty minute climb to the Chadao cliff viewpoint.

We also suggest a visit to Koh Hin Ngam, otherwise known as Pebble Beach Island, whose shoreline is composed entirely of smooth flat black marbled pebbles, This small beach is unique within this group of islands. Locals and tourists alike have long visited this island to stack the rocks into small pillars, it is said if you can stack the pebbles 12 high you may have your wish granted.

Koh Rawi, largest island of the archipelago, dwarfs Koh Lipe in terms of size and terrain. The island has a small, basic restaurant and a beautiful beach, with delightful snorkeling to be had.

As with the Fishing Tours, our guides can arrange the boat, check the tides and the winds, and provide all that you need in terms of snorkeling gear. We'll pack you a delicious lunch, a cooler of beverages and some beach mats to set you up for the day ahead.

Typically there are two packages of island hopping/snorkeling tours.

Package 1 covers the 'Neighboring islands' on the west side of Koh Adang, including Koh Hin Ngam & Koh Yang. This tour takes approximately 4-6hrs.

Package 2 covers the 'Far Islands' Koh Tong (Monkey Beach), Koh Phung, Koh Rawi etc. This tour takes approximately 6-8hrs.

However we can tailor a trip to suit your needs.

island tours

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